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Sponsor:Shinkenchiku Sha

Co-organizer:IAM, CA-GROUP

Content Support:Shinkenchiku Sha, <Shinkenchiku> (New Architecture), <Jutakutokushu> (Housing Feature), <a+u> (Architecture and Urbanism), <ja> (Japan Architect)

Shinkenchiku Data is an online English architectural journal database service initiated by the world-renowned publisher Shinkenchiku Sha Japan. The database includes the English version or Japanese-English bilingual version of the four important journals of Shinkenchiku Sha. Through functions including powerful project search, intelligent recommendation, bookmarks and favorites, the database provides the global architectural community with huge, accurate and high-quality information of architectural projects, showing the profound accumulation of Shinkenchiku Sha for almost a hundred years.


Shinkenchiku Sha has been specializing in journals in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design since 1925. For nearly a century, Shinkenchiku Sha dedicated to providing exchanges, cooperation, and contribution to the global architectural community through four major journals: <Shinkenchiku>, <Jutakutokushu>, <a+u>, and <ja>, as well as other special features and publications.

In 2020, the architectural publishing company, with nearly 100 years of experience and a large and loyal readership in Japan and abroad, moved from traditional paper to a broader audience by launching three online services: Shinkenchiku Data, Shinkenchiku Online and Shinkenchiku ALL-INDEX, which provide accurate, comprehensive and high-quality architectural information and content in the current online environment through electronic publications, project information indexes, site videos, lectures and interviews. During the pandemic, the Shinkenchiku Data as a paid membership service, played an irreplaceable and important role in making architectural resources available remotely to a large number of architecture students, professors and scholars.

In 2022, Shinkenchiku Sha will launch the international version of Shinkenchiku Data in both JA and EN, and reach out to a global audience across languages and borders.

Shinkenchiku Data contains the English version of architectural projects including:

8470+ architectural projects in <Shinkenchiku>

6897+ housing projects in <Jutakutokushu>

In addition to this, it will also contain contents from two other journals in English in the future:

<JA> (Japan Architect): issues since 1991

<a+u> (Architecture and Urbanism): all publications since the first issue

In China, this service will be jointly launched by IAM and Shinkenchiku Sha. The project aims to share high-quality architectural information with Chinese architectural professionals and pan-cultural enthusiasts, and to stimulate architectural thinking and build cultural bridges through a series of architectural lectures and cross-country conversations. In time, IAM will also provide a large number of free access to Shinkenchiku Data for members of the IAM community.

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