TADAO ANDO 1970-2012

Chief Editor:Ma Weidong


Binding:889mm × 1194mm



This is a unique collection of Tadao Ando's 40 years of works produced by CA GROUP and Tadao Ando Architect & Associates. The book contains more than 200 masters' design works, detailed drawings, text introductions, nearly 2,000 beautiful architectural close-ups, 100 questions and answers from the masters' interviews... In this book, readers will not only get a glimpse of the master's view of architecture: his thinking and practice of nature, his use of materials: fair-faced concrete, wood, glass, etc., and his dedication to the light and shadow sculpted by architectural space. All these elements are gathered in his architecture, from youthfulness to maturity. Moreover, one can appreciate the reasons why Tadao Ando became a masterhis tenacious character that never gives up and his delicate and thoughtful approach.

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