Le Corbusier Houses


Book Size:640 × 915mm 1/32

Editor:Department of Architecture, University of Tokyo

Translation:Cao Wenjun

Proofreading:Ma Weidong

Publishing and Distribution:Ningbo Publishing House

Publication Year:Sept 2005 1st Edition

Book No.:ISBN 7-80602-922-2/TU •10

Paperback Pricing:88RMB

Hardcover Pricing:118RMB

Le Corbusier Houses is published by Ningbo Publishing House in September 2005. This book introduces Le Corbusier's 106 house design projects. Each design work in the book has concise text descriptions, detailed models, and floor plans. Moreover, the book also includes incisive interpretations of Corbusier's houses by Tadao Ando and Michio Kato. Through this book, the reader can get closer to and grasp more realistically the spirit of the architect Corbusier's design for the house and the process of completing the manifesto.

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