The Grand Tour of Tadao Ando's Architecture


Chief Editor:Ma Weidong

Publishing and Distribution:Ningbo Publishing House

Publication Year:May 2005 1st Edition


Book Size:880 × 1230mm 1/32


Architectural journey is enjoyable, architectural journey is important.

Tadao Ando once said, "You have to use your five senses to feel architecture". See with your eyes, hear with your ears, feel with your touch, and smell with your sense of smell. Be in the building, and use your own body to fully experience and feel it.

The architectural works presented in this book are part of Tadao Ando's work in the Kansai region of Japan and were selected by the author through many site visits. First of all, this book is a guidebook of Tadao Ando's architecture. The location of each work and how to walk through it are marked in detail for every architecture lover who goes to Japan to visit Tadao Ando's works. Secondly, the book also includes pictures taken by the author himself, which are shown along the tour route with an extremely ordinary digital camera without any lens processing, as if you had seen them yourself. Through these fragmented images, you may get a realistic understanding of Tadao Ando's works.

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