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Book Title:Sustainability in Australia

Language:Chinese & English

Binding:Simple hardcover



Compilation:A+U China(CA-GROUP)

Chief Editor:Nobuyuki Yoshida (Japan), Ma Weidong (China)

Publishing and Distribution:China Architecture & Building Press

Special Contribution:Tadao Ando Architect & Associates


Publication Year:2022

From infrastructures built by the indigenous tribe to the buildings made by local tradesman, the idea of sustainability is always seen responding closely to its climatic conditions, as well as cultural backgrounds. In Australia, these extremities found in the living conditions across the continent has provided the ground for unique architectural undertakings. As sustainable paradigms constantly shift the way we view and design our built environment, it is crucial that core traditions are not forgotten and new technologies are used purposefully with considerations given to its effectiveness and efficiency in its context. In this issue of a+u, together with Wendy Lewin, Maryam Gusheh and Tom Heneghan, the organisers of this year’s exhibition, we bring to you a rich diversity of typology and styles of architecture, from its scale to its location, to introduce the notion of “sustainability” in the Australian context.  


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